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5. Geology A bunch of rock formations closely related in time of origin and distinctive as a gaggle from other formations.

Some is effective in the series can stand on your own—they can be go through in any get, as Just about every book makes number of, if any reference to past functions, plus the characters rarely, if ever, modify.

, scientist Barry Allen is exposed to radiation from the particle accelerator. Coupled with a mix of chemical compounds, Barry gains the ability to transfer at super-velocity and dedicates his life to fixing mysteries, battling criminals... and determining who killed his mom.moreless

When it's got the plural feeling of "two or even more sets," it will take a plural verb: Two series of lectures are scheduled: one for experts and one particular for laypeople.

two. (Broadcasting) a set of radio or television programmes getting the same characters and placing but distinctive tales

Some authors allow it to be difficult to record their guides in the numerical purchase when they do not launch Each and every get the job done in its 'appropriate' buy because of the story's internal chronology. They might 'leap' back again in the perfect time to early adventures on the characters, crafting will work that has to be placed right before or among Formerly posted will work. Therefore, the guides within a series are occasionally enumerated in accordance with the internal chronology rather than in publication get, based on the intended objective for the record.

A gaggle of rock formations intently relevant in time of origin and unique as a group from other formations.

succession - a gaggle of people or matters organized or next so as; "a succession of stalls presenting delicate drinks"; "a website succession of failures"

BMW's layout language concerns everyday living in Each individual three Series design. From your telltale curve on the Hofmeister kink into the sight from the signature kidney grille growing up in the rearview mirror, each and every aspect contributes for the distinct look of the whole world's first, and most popular, sports activities sedan.

A not long ago unveiled ex-convict named Shadow fulfills a mysterious guy who phone calls himself "Wednesday" and who appreciates more than he initially appears to about Shadow's daily life and previous.

Supernatural options stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who journey the state hunting for his or her missing father and battling evil spirits along the way. Sam Winchester is actually a faculty student bound for legislation college, determined to flee his relatives's earlier - unlike his more mature brother, Dean. At any time due to the fact they ended up minor their father has been eaten using an obsession to locate the evil forces that murdered his beloved spouse, in outcome recruiting and instruction his two younger sons to help you him in revenge. They've got grown up as hunters of the supernatural. Sam escaped underneath the premise of heading to school, and now has a happy daily life with his girlfriend, Jessica, along with a promising long run job.

The participant then chose 4 consonants in addition to a vowel and attempted to solve the puzzle inside of fifteen seconds. That is very similar to the current reward spherical, besides the extent of issues didn't always correspond Together with the prize's price.

is really an upcoming American tv series generated for that Fox network. The series is really a spin-off of 24

Sequence stresses the continuity in time, thought, induce and outcome, and so forth.: The scenes arrived within a definite sequence. Succession implies that something is followed by A further or Many others consequently, typically although not automatically that has a relation or relationship involving them: succession to the throne; a succession of calamities. Dictionary.com Unabridged

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